• Mokah Johnson

When Freedom is under attack, we fight back!

Yesterday, the hammer fell. So, I took some time to think. Today, I'm ready to fight back.

The Supreme Court officially gutted Roe v. Wade. Even though an overwhelming majority of the country wants to keep it. Even though it stomps on a legal right we have relied on for 50 years.

In a dizzying rush of emotions—grief, rage, exhaustion, dread—I had to stop, catch my breath, and prepare myself. Because from now until the moment we completely secure justice for our bodies and our communities, we cannot stop, we cannot grow weary, we cannot be silent.

Yesterday’s ruling means that women had a fundamental freedom ripped from the heart of our lives.

It means our daughters will grow up in a very different world than we did. A world where control over their own bodies is surrendered to the state. Where politicians are free to turn the clock back further on rights we have fought for.

Now is not the time to be afraid, but to rise up and be strong. It’s more important than ever to put representatives in the Georgia State House empowered to stand up for women’s rights. Who will defend with every fiber of their being the freedom for women to control their own destiny.

This means that now is the time to mobilize! One of the very architects of Georgia’s anti-abortion “Heartbeat Bill” (HB 481) is none other than my opponent. And today he sits silent. Silent in the face of all the women from whom he stripped away the freedom over their bodies. Silent in the face of all the women who will suffer even greater poverty and harm because they can’t safely access an abortion. Silent in the face of all the women who will no longer have the freedom to plan for their life.

Again—we cannot not be silent precisely because the architects of Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill will be silent. That’s part of their plan. They don’t want you to know that they took away your freedoms.

This is why we must ACT. Because that is how we make our voices heard. I must unseat my opponent on Nov. 8! So I urgently need your help to knock on doors and to phone bank in Athens-Clarke, Barrow, Jackson, and Oconee counties, and to donate as much as you can so we can dismantle Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill.

Because we can’t trust the courts to protect us. We must do that ourselves. The community keeps us safe! Let’s mobilize immediately so that I can unseat my opponent and fight to repeal Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill. Our very lives depend on it.

With emboldened urgency,

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