• Mokah Johnson

Am I a Politician?

Updated: Jul 8

Me with State Senate 7 candidate Nabilah Islam (right) and State House 29 candidate Devin Pandy (left)

It goes without saying that the majority of Americans—over 85 percent—think that our electoral system needs a serious overhaul.

Especially now with reproductive freedoms under attack, and politicians still slow to take real action, I wholeheartedly agree. But, what does that say about me as a political candidate? Does it mean I need to be a part of that change?

It most certainly does!

I recently came to terms with the fact that I’m a politician. Ever since I first ran for office, I took on that identity. This was hard for me since politicians have a bad reputation—and for good reason: they often make false promises, exploit Black voters, and cater to special interests and corporate greed over everyday working families.

I fully understand why a lot of people don’t trust politicians or the system. I don’t blame them. Honestly, I still struggle trusting it. But, since jumping into politics I have met some good people who really care about their constituents. There’s a new generation of leaders like Bee Nguyen, Nabilah Islam (pictured), Will Boddie, and Devin Pandy (pictured). Leaders who truly care about what freedom really means. Leaders who understand what families need to plan for their lives. Leaders who will take the necessary risks to secure what we need for a fair and free society.

I’ve always seen myself as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, and an activist. Never a politician. But the fact is—I am. So, I ask myself—how can I be a better politician for the people? To me, it means fighting for our freedoms and supporting working families. I genuinely care about my community and believe we deserve more, we deserve better. And I want to make a difference in how we do politics.

So as a compassionate leader, I am stepping out of my comfort zone to be a politician. Because the world needs better politicians who come from the same places as you and me. Because that’s what a politician should be—people like you and me fighting for the freedom to plan for our lives and support our families.

In solidarity,

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