Meet Mokah

Mokah has lived in Athens, Georgia, over fifteen years. She and her husband, Knowa, have a blended family of seven children and she is the “glam-ma” of ten grandchildren. As an entrepreneur, educator, and mother, Mokah channels her real-life experience and family-focused values to empower and uplift her community.”

An immigrant and naturalized citizen, Mokah moved with her family from Jamaica in the early ‘80s for better opportunities. Her parents instilled in her the value of hard work and independence. Mokah's entrepreneurial spirit began at seventeen years old when she jumped into the music promotion industry. At twenty-three, she founded a performing arts school and by twenty-seven she started a beauty salon. Now, Mokah and Knowa run a successful event production and brand marketing company called the United Group of Artists.


To showcase artists independent musicians and artists and to celebrate Black businesses, Mokah and Knowa co-founded the Athens Hip-Hop Awards. In addition, they co-founded the annual Athens MLK Day Parade and Music Fest.


Mokah's commitment to public service stretches back to her early 20s as National Guardswoman experience. Mokah used this experience to fuel her commitment to building a better world for young women. She is the founder of VIP Girls and Teen Social Justice youth program to encourage creativity and build self-confidence in young adults through mentorship and empowerment programs.

As a local leader, Mokah has served on the Athens-Clarke County Board of Elections, former Mayor Nancy Denson’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce, and the Athens-Clarke County Solicitor General’s pre-arrest diversion program.

Six years ago, Mokah was called to activism in response to repeated allegations of discrimination by bars and business owners in downtown Athens. With her husband Knowa, Mokah co-founded the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement (AADM) to help citizens protect their civil and human rights and advocate for  a more inclusive community. AADM’s End School-to-Prison Pipeline initiative is designed to reduce juvenile incarceration and high school dropout rates. Under Mokah’s leadership, AADM has educated hundreds of her neighbors on local issues and mobilized them to advocate for policy reform. Through this group, Mokah has led successful campaigns to end cash bail locally and to update the anti-discrimination ordinance in Athens-Clarke County. Protecting the freedoms of her neighbors is at the heart of Mokah’s values.

Mokah has ten years of experience as an educator. For four years, she taught as an Adult GED Educator at Athens Technical College. Within the local public school system, Mokah has led seminars on diversity and inclusion, anti-racism, and women leadership. By organizing and leading discussions on topics including community-policing and race relations, Mokah respects the voices of others by building unity and mutual understanding in her community. 

The strongest community leaders protect our freedoms, advocate for our needs, and respect the voices of the unheard. That’s who Mokah Jasmine Johnson is.

And that's exactly who she will be for you.


Courtesy of Grady Newsource 2020